The | Book - The Golden Worlds

The New Fantasy Adventure Novel " The Golden Worlds" is currently still in production.

Snippets of the working Draft are being published on the "Official | Twitter Account", @TheGoldenWorlds

A Donators Download version of the book will be available for download soon.

 {Donators will have an email sent, Once it is Available.}


If anyone is interested in having their " Original Art work" must be owned by themselves.

Showcased in the Novel as ilustations & or cover.

Please feel free in Sending a Digital scans of any unique, unregisterd/Published Drawings/sketches.

colour / Black & white Images are being concidered for Cover and Internal illustrations.

(all artwork must be owned and have rights by the person sending in)

Please note that all images will be concidered. but will not all be Used , we will take into account for the Content of Uniqueness & Ability from the artist.

when sending in artwork, please send Fowrading email address / or contact information with image and label image with your name.

Images with None will not be concidered.

if you are intrested contact the Writer via Twitter. @TheGoldenWorlds



Please Help the Writer & Donate for help towards the creation of the Book " The Golden Worlds"

Thank you to all Donators, Donations are greatfully Appreciated! & will help create this into a published reality!

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